Why Marchend?

Customer experience is a key performance indicator to assess the growth of any business.

We have successfully partnered with various clients across UK, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand and tailored solutions to help them reach greater heights in their business through digital marketing. We understand the importance of online visibility and our team is committed to making your dreams come true. From designing and promotion to managing online enquiries through various channels of social media, Marchend has everything to offer to make you a bigger, better and accomplished a business. If that's not all, the price for our packages are extremely competitive in the market and can be customised befitting your requirements

Here is why we are different from our competitors

Our customer promise

With Marchend, every customer is important and hence you get personal attention from us. From the initial discussions on your business objectives to the build of a customised integrated solution through to appointment of a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) once everything is live, Marchend is with you throughout the journey. Your CRM will be your single point of contact in optimising your programme by regularly reviewing and updating your advertisement. That's not all though! We also provide you with an access to analytics through an online reporting dashboard empowering you to manage your programme including your website, its content, your reputation and your customer-reviews

Our digital experience

Thanks to super-brands like Apple, Google, and Amazon, consumer expectations are higher than ever before. Today’s customers, demand personalized and relevant communications that are available real-time and accessible through the channel of their choice. Hence, the pressure is on for companies to keep up and provide the digital experience their consumers want. Marchend helps you go digital without leaving the customer behind by delivering personalized, connected, and compliant multi-channel experience for your customers

Cutting edge technology

One of the many things constant in the world today, is technology. If you have not upgraded yourself with the latest versions, you are left behind your competitors. Our digital specialists are savvy of the latest technologies and are skilled to develop automated systems to keep your digital marketing effective. No matter where you want to take your business to, Marchend is your answer to a cost-effective solution